GVMS to accept C21 declarations

As from 21 June 2022 you will be able to input C21’s into GVMS for both imports and export. Until now, on occasion, a Declarations by Conduct has had to be used. The C21 GVMS process follows the same format as a standard one and provides the ability for GVMS to receive declaration status updates from CHIEF or CDS.

This means:

  • When submitting a C21 via CHIEF and CDS you need to include the header statement ‘RRS01’ and GVMS Port code (CDS only) so that the declaration can be ‘marked of interest’ to GVMS
  • Hauliers can now add a C21 declaration to a GMR. There will be a minor content change to the User Interface so that the hauliers can enter a C21 declaration in the existing ERN/DUCR/MRN field
  • Carriers can embark GMR’s containing C21’s


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