HMRC Releases CDS Workaround Document

In response to requests from the CDS user community, HMRC has developed a Consolidated CDS Workaround Document, which you can find here. This asset aims to provide a consolidated list of all known workarounds applicable to CDS, derived from both the Known Differences document, which this asset will be supplanting, as well as entries from the Known Error Log which currently have workarounds. Where possible, estimated resolution dates have also been included, in order that the user knows for how long each workaround will be applicable.

As seen from the CDS External Test Release Roadmap, HMRC intends to deliver Tariff Misalignment Resolution packages at regular intervals throughout 2022/2023.

For greater insight as to the nature and contents of these packages, please refer to the CDS – UK Trade Tariff Misalignment Resolution 22/23 Delivery Plan, which can additionally be found here.

Please note, the Consolidated Workaround Document is not exhaustive, and will be updated alongside each production release to reflect resolution progress, and any additional entries which may come to light. Designed to support declarants in making successful submissions, the entries listed should not pose a barrier to your client’s migration.

These documents can also be found HERE on our section dedicated to the transition to CDS.

Please share this document with your clients who are preparing to migrate to CDS, to ensure they are best supported.