HMRC – Safety & Security Declarations – opportunity to participate in “live proving”

Dear Member,

HMRC live proving (testing end-to-end processes and IT) activities took place at the end of last year in advance of the changes for the 1st January 2022 as part of the ending of staged customs controls.

HMRC are now planning the next phase of live proving ahead of the 1st July 2022 when it will be mandatory to submit Safety and Security (S&S) declarations on all imports, including European Union (EU) to Great Britain (GB) movements.

This live proving activity is to support readiness of those organisations who are not already submitting Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) in the GB S&S system.

If you are interested in participating in Live Proving or have any questions please contact the HMRC Live Proving Team e-mail who will be available to assist you.