New GVMS System Enhancements To Go Live On Monday 30th May

Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) Government Gateway User Interface (UI)

The following GVMS updates will be made on 30th May 2022. Users of the Haulier API have been notified of the technical information via the Software Developer Support Team.

These updates will be visible to those who use the Government Gateway UI to create and manage the Goods Movement References (GMRs):

  1. Export GMRs that are flagged for inspection with the inspectionRequired flag will in most cases now include a reportToLocations property.  This is already included for import GMRs.

    It includes a list of one or more inspection types along with references to the nearby IBF/BCP locations available to carry out each inspection type.

  1. A new inspection type “DEFRA_PLANT” will be added to GVMS reference data. GMRs that are flagged for DEFRA plant inspections will not include location data; instead, the haulier should check with the declarant to determine where to report for DEFRA plant inspections.
  2. Changes of direction have never been permitted for GMRs and this rule will be enforced going forwards with an HTTP 400 response to GMR update requests if the direction has been changed.  If users need to change the direction recorded on a GMR it is necessary to delete the GMR and create a new one.

You should continue to report any issues with using the Government Gateway user interface, via the link at the bottom of the screen.