UPDATE: Importers of HRFNAO from outside the EU must use TRACES NT from tomorrow

This means you will not be able to raise a new CED in TRACES Classic for HRFNAO and must instead complete the new CHED-D in TRACES NT – please read the below additional guidance before you do this.

Responsible for Load (RFL) TRACES New Technology (NT) Additional Guidance for CHED-D


  • you or your appointed agent must continue to use the existing code (N852) when completing the corresponding import declaration (this is the code currently used when the import declaration is accompanied by a Common Entry Document (CED)
  • if you have already completed a CED notification in TRACES Classic you do not need to re-do the same notification in TRACES NT
  • do not attempt to raise a CHED-D until after 01:00 GMT on 19 February
    What to do now?

If you import:

  • HRFNAO from outside the EU and are not yet registered for TRACES NT – register now (see below) to be ready for a switchover next week
  • live animals or POAO from outside the EU and are not registered for TRACES NT – register now (see below) in readiness for further changes

You do not need to register on TRACES NT if you:

  • are not responsible for the load and do not raise notifications
  • only trade with the EU as you will continue to use TRACES Classic for Live Animals and ABP

How to register for TRACES NT

  1. Create a new EU Login account.
  2. Once you have your new EU Login Account you can Request a new user access profile in TRACES.NT
  3. The profile you create must reflect your role and associated activities, for example as an economic operator or Border Control Post (BCP) official.
  4. Economic operators must choose the BCP to which they wish to be associated for registration purposes.  Once registered you will be able to import through any BCP.
  5. BCP users should associate themselves with the appropriate Competent Authority. Requests will be validated by the Competent Authority or BCP depending on your role.

Please be aware the first user registering a new TRACES NT account will become the admin for that organisation and thereby be responsible for authorising all further users within their organisation.
Have a look at these videos on You Tube if you need more help:
User Creation, Login and Role Assignment CHED-D Part I
For any technical help with the registration, email sante-traces@ec.europa.eu
If you have any other questions please respond to this email.